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She can, with external help, of course, write her name using an eye tracker (note - a device that monitors eye movements). She also became not so quickly exhausted. And it seems to me that her crying has become even more accurate in relation to a specific situation. For example, in my classroom, when she starts crying, if you start asking her: “Lisa, does it hurt? Where does it hurt? Head? Hand? Leg?…. ", Then she stops crying and listens very attentively, and answers with her fingers: index-no, big-yes. We hope that in the next course Lisa will be able to write a three-word sentence using the program.

It is critical to teach Elizabeth again how to communicate and take care of herself before her parents lose the ability to care for her. More than anything, they are afraid that they will not make it in time. But if we help you, then the girl will have a chance for a decent life. Please support Lisa!

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